Fitness & Weights Will Help with Your Diet and Exercise Goals

Are you looking to not only create realistic diet, exercise and health goals, but to attain them? If so, let Fitness & Weights give you a helping hand along the way. My own mentor is always telling me, “It’s 80% diet, and 20% exercise!” And so far, his words have been prophetic.

I honestly didn’t want to really believe him, and so while I watched what I ate (but not necessarily what I drank – as in liquor), I worked out like crazy.

How much weight do you think I lost? Not much. It wasn’t until after I followed his advice and REALLY began dumping the junk (including booze) out of my diet that I began to see some true results.

So, with that in mind, please follow this blog, because we will have a bunch of real good, usable info for you that will help you too. Thank you.